[ES 3.8.1 & Java8 client] Persistent subscribtion

I’m using EventStore 3.8.1 and Java8 client. I have some problems with persistent subscriptions.


I have streams that has the next name structure account-{id} and I created persistent subscription that maps to $ce-account stream. On this step everything works perfectly (look at the image 1),

but after I changed settings for the persistent subscription by ui interface, all connection were lost (image2) and clients didn’t recieve messages anymore (but clients connected, I can see it on the main page, look at the image 3) and my applications and after restart (event store, applications) connections weren’t come back.

What is it? Bug ot feature? :slight_smile: Thank you for the answers!





Updating a subscription will reset it (drops connections). On the
client side you will receive a subscription dropped call and are
welcome to reconnect the subscription.

Thank you, Greg.

Yes, I found that I received “SubscriptionDropped” after I changed settings. Java8 client just remove subscription after that, is it a standart behavior (has .NET client the same behavior)?

Yes the .net client has the exact same behaviour. I can go into more
detail if you want but an update to subscription settings is currently
implemented as a remove/add for varying reasons (the largest is that
you can update your starting point)