Error while reading drive info...

I keep getting this error message when starting up EventStore. Is this a permissions issue?

Error while reading drive info for path /tmp/EventStore/2015-04-06_23.02.32.094598-Node2113.

Message: The drive name does not exist

Parameter name: driveName

Things like setup and operating system may help here.

Ah yes.

Arch Linux with 3.19.2 kernel

Running ES 3.0.3 with the ./ script.

Wondering if I should run this on a VM with Ubuntu.

Do you get it if its not in /tmp/? Maybe arch is doing something odd
with /tmp file system?

So when I run ./ the first few lines I get back are:

ES VERSION: (master/a1382252dd1ed0554ddb04015cdb2cbc1b0a65c1, Fri, 13 Mar 2015 13:56:05 -0400)

OS: Unknown (Unix

RUNTIME: 3.12.0 (tarball) (64-bit)


LOGS: /tmp/EventStore/2015-04-07_17.43.34.963577-Node2113-logs

How do I go about changing the dir where logs are stored?

thats also where your db is stored.

try --db --help lists command line options

eg ./ --db foo

Fixed! ./ --log ~/eventstore/es-logs --db ~/eventstore/es-db

Thanks for the assistance Greg.

So I think whats happening here is Arch is doing some weird things
with the /tmp file system. I will research into whats happening as we
should at least not error here (just ignore it)

Glad I found an edge case. :slight_smile:

Whats interesting is arch is apparently working differently than
ubuntu and centos etc on this one

I know Arch gets a bad wrap for doing things differently from most distros. But I won’t trade it for another. :slight_smile: