Error Message "Could not get drive name for directory '/var/lib/eventstore' on Unix"

Hey all,

Are there any special rights necessary to run the EventStore on Ubuntu 18.04?

I get the following error message:

[PID:04448:007 2019.01.24 07:22:47.610 DEBUG MonitoringService ] Could not get drive name for directory ‘/var/lib/eventstore’ on Unix.
System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005): ApplicationName=‘df’, CommandLine=’-P /var/lib/eventstore’, CurrentDirectory=’’, Native error= Out of memory
at System.Diagnostics.Process.StartWithCreateProcess (System.Diagnostics.ProcessStartInfo startInfo) [0x001ee] in <5071a6e4a4564e19a2eda0f53e42f9bd>:0


EventStore is installed as a package on that machine and started with systemctl:

sudo systemctl start eventstore


Any ideas?



Is there any kind of documentation on memory requirements and settings for the event store?
Above error arised on a rather small VM (512 MB Memory, 1 Core, 20 GB SSD Disk) we used for testing.

I only found some old threads suggesting to set “–cached-chunks=0” to lower memory consumption.

In the doc there seems to be no information about minimal hardware requirements and appropriate settings.

The --cached-chunks=0 refers to by default eventstore caching in
memory the last two chunks (which are +-512 MB unless other settings
are changed). On such a small machine you would likely want to set