ERROR Invalid TCP frame received

Hi All,

I have recieved this error from the error log.

Not sure why? can anyone let me know what is the solution? Project in escalation mode

2016-05-13 00:32:22,536 [70]
ERROR Invalid TCP frame received.

Package size is out of bounds: 67122424 (max: 67108864).



at EventStore.ClientAPI.Transport.Tcp.TcpPackageConnection.OnRawDataReceived(ITcpConnection
connection, IEnumerable`1 data)

Sounds like you are trying to write a 64 mb event. IMO it is good practice to stay under 4k for events. If you need to associate a blob with an event, use a pointer e.g. a URL.

Thanks for reply. But that is how I am using to send the data… https://myurl/facqrs/prd/sr/signalr
Please suggest. This has stalled the project…

Are you posting http data to a tcp port?

To be fair the uri you are posting has nothing at all to do with event
store (its signalr)