Error in StorageChaser: "Prefix/suffix length inconsistency: prefix length(615) != suffix length (0). Something is seriously wrong in chunk X"

Describe the bug
We are unable to rebuild our index, EventStore shuts down upon error.

We tried to run a scavenge over the chunk as a hail mary. But the scavenge did indicate a duplicate key in the previous chunk which might be the reason the next chunk has the prefix/suffix issue.

Our DB is around 7.5TB, we have multiple streams that have index misses that we manually have to work around if a large read back needs to happen and it hits the index miss and causes the read to fail. Hence the need to rebuild the index.

To Reproduce
Not reproducible

Expected behavior
Should be able to rebuild index

Actual behavior
EventStore shuts down

EventStore details

  • EventStore server version:

  • Operating system: Ubuntu 22.04

Is there a way to remedy these chunks? Your advice or help would be greatly appreciated.