Error creating projections

Im trying to create a new projection in EventStore version 2



$init: function () {

return { count: 0, }; // initial state


OrderModified: function(s, e) {

if(e.body.OrderId.toString() == ‘2f878e32-aab2-4db6-974f-0263a3ccf0ab’){

linkTo(‘test4’, e);




I have SelectMode = Continuous, EmitEnabled - true

The error in the log file says:

[PID:02620:014 2014.05.14 14:06:50.416 ERROR QueuedHandlerMRES ] Error while processing message WRITE COMPLETED: CorrelationId: 64950a8e-eaf9-400e-a4d8-52cfd48958c2, Result: Success, Message: , FirstEventNumber: 9 in queued handler ‘Projections Master’.

System.Exception: Projection version and event number mismatch

at EventStore.Projections.Core.Services.Management.ManagedProjection.WriteCompleted(WriteEventsCompleted message, Action completed, String eventStreamId) in c:\BuildAgent1\work\oss\windows\releasebuilds\src\EventStore\EventStore.Projections.Core\Services\Management\ManagedProjection.cs:line 631

at EventStore.Core.Messaging.RequestResponseDispatcher`2.Handle(TResponse message) in c:\BuildAgent1\work\oss\windows\releasebuilds\src\EventStore\EventStore.Core\Messaging\RequestResponseDispatcher.cs:line 86

at EventStore.Core.Bus.MessageHandler`1.TryHandle(Message message) in c:\BuildAgent1\work\oss\windows\releasebuilds\src\EventStore\EventStore.Core\Bus\MessageHandler.cs:line 60

at EventStore.Core.Bus.InMemoryBus.Publish(Message message) in c:\BuildAgent1\work\oss\windows\releasebuilds\src\EventStore\EventStore.Core\Bus\InMemoryBus.cs:line 350

at EventStore.Core.Bus.QueuedHandlerMRES.ReadFromQueue(Object o) in c:\BuildAgent1\work\oss\windows\releasebuilds\src\EventStore\EventStore.Core\Bus\QueuedHandlerMRES.cs:line 141

What event store version do you have?


Hi, this typically indicated that you are performing to async management operations on the same projection. For instance, attempting to start(enable) while still stopping (disabling).

Is there any chance of that?


Not that I can tell. The Event Store is running on my machine and Im logged in to create projections. Not sure how the mentioned is possible.

Is there anything I can check like log files to tell if any other operation is in process at the same time?



I had the same problem…turns out I didn’t give the projection a name in the UI.