Ensure Availability of EventStore

Hi, I am new to Eventstore. We are targeting the same for one of critical use case in E-Commerce Domain where EventStore will be key controller for all micro-services, in such case how to ensure availability of EventStore, can we host multiple node on multiple server, if one goes down others can be up immediately, If yes then how to achieve this !!

Hi @pravin.y
EventStore DB when setup as a cluster is highly available .
More details here : https://developers.eventstore.com/server/v21.10/cluster.html#highly-available-cluster

Note that this is not an active-passive availability, all nodes in a cluster participate at all time .

This post should help you set-up a cluster using DNS names for your nodes.

Since you’re saying one of critical use case in may I suggest you contact us through this form https://www.eventstore.com/contact , we do offer commercial support.