Encoding in partitions

I was doing a partition on customer data and that data had a “/” in it

Consequentially I am unable to look at data from that partition over the HTTP API (encoding it means I can’t find the stream, not encoding it means it thinks I’m trying to look at an event id with whatever is after that path component.

So er, I’ll filter out for this demo but this is something that should probably be allowed if we encode it?

In mono or windows?

Had the same issue (on windows):

“Customer/123” did not work

“Customer-123” did (obviously)


Binary drop or dev build? I remember fixing this already but will take a look at it

Ah good point,

I’m running whatever James sent me the other day - which is probably from dev

(Yes, I was too lazy to try and build on Windows myself)

Ok we will look at it. This was working at one point but maybe fixing issue in mono we broke in windows or something

In other news, the client is going to be pretty excited I think - in a day of work I’ve pulled the data from their system and am generating a big pile of charts from partitioned data in realtime :wink:

Well… “realtime”

Had same issue on Windows too. 2.0.1 build