EC2 instance - reserved or on-demand?

– investigating options - not really sure if I’m even asking the right questions…

I want to start building some proof-of-concept systems, and have no experience with EC2.

Would an EC2 EventStore setup require a reserved instance as a minimum or would on-demand be feasible - especially for a system with very light load (< 500 event commits per day, < 1000 projection queries per day, and non-continuous spurts of communication with the event store)?

I would assume that there would be a lag if/when the on-demand instance spins back up, but how bad might this lag be? Would the start-up lag have adverse effect on projection queries beyond being slow?

Are there other concerns and situations that I should be thinking about?



For what you are describing you could just run a micro instance which
is free and would easily meet your requirements.