Duplicate events in 3.9.3

Upgraded our testenvironment to 3.9.3, and started seeing duplicate events on a catchup subscription. Same stream and seqnumber, but with different eventposition. Downgrading to 3.8.0 solved it, but it still reads the previous events out as duplicates. Looking at the streams in the ui looks right.

Updated the client the .net client lib to 3.9.4 in case of incompatiblity, but no difference.

Could not reproduce locally either, so only seen it on one machine.

Any ideas?


You always realise the second after you’ve written the mail: I enabled projections on the new version. Probably have some code that resolves links in type/category projection.



Ok, this isn’t a production cluster, so should we try and upgrade to the release candidate of version 4?
Is there a URL to a zipped version of the release candidate?

The RC 1 packages were pushed up to package cloud as well as chocolatey.
The chocolatey package grabs the binaries from here. You can also grab them from there if you like.

Thank you Pieter!

Just ran into the same issue as Peter. Is this expected when enabling projections?
In what way can I make sure my subscriptions don’t receive the same event twice?

/ Kristoffer

What type of subscription? If you disable resolveLinkTos that should
be enough for a catch up subscription

Thanks Greg! It’s a catch up subscription so that worked perfectly…

/ Kristoffer