Dropping subscription with UserInitiated in ExecuteActionAsync

I am wondering what is the reason to use UserInitiated reason when the subscription is dropped in ExecuteActionAsync due to the action queue overflow? Clearly, the user has not initiated anything. The reason is technical but we cannot react to it, because to the client it looks like we have asked to stop the subscription. Hint: we did not.

Could be reasonable to add a “QueueBlewUp” reason.

There is already ProcessingQueueOverflow, maybe this one should be ActionQueueOverflow?

That seems legit. I will accept the PR just make sure that the docs get updated as well to state the reason :wink:

Don’t you think the the SubscriptionOperation._maxQueueSize, which is not a constant (2000) needs to be set to the same value as EventStoreCatchUpSubscription.MaxPushQueueSize?

which is now a constant (2000)