dotnet core


The current version for windows is created in the dotnet framework. Is there a plan to migrate it to dotnet core?



There has already been some work towards this. I am not sure of the status of the work at this moment and will let someone else chime in though it has definitely been discussed/thought to be a good idea. IIRC there is already a working version of the client api in dotnetcore. The server is both a bit more work and more questionable in terms of supporting it. What immediate benefit do you see to running the server in core?

We are using the dotnet core client and it works perfectly for us.

The only reason why a dotnet core server would be nice, is for creating a windows container. Now I use the dotnet-framework image for the base of the container.

That image is around 8 gb. If I could use the nano image of dotnet-core, that image is around 1.3 gb.

So I would save 6 a 7 gb per deployed container