Does the Event Store Support Geo Replication

This article (dated 2018-09-17) describes an Event Store feature: GeoReplica. I’ve searched the Event Store site and find no documentation describing that feature. Please answer the following questions.

Does the Event Store support geographic replication (GR)?

If GR is supported, what version is it available in?

If GR is supported, does it require a Manager node cluster? Or can it be accomplished using a Database node cluster?

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We have implemented it internally but it’s still under review.

It does not requires a Managed node cluster. You can configure it on a single instance or on a cluster node to pull or push from/to destinations.



I appreciate the quick response.

Is there a target release date?

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We don’t have a planned date for the GeoReplica and it depends on another PR ‘plugins’ currently open and still under review.

Once plugins are merged then we can figure out when and how the GeoReplica plugin could be made available.





I have another question related to replication. Here’s the scenario:

  • setup a three-node cluster in data center 1
  • data center 1 is the primary or active site
  • setup a three-node cluster in data center 2
  • data center 2 is the secondary or warm site

Given that GeoReplica is not currently available, how do I replicate events from data center 1 to data center 2?

You can create a program with one connection using a catchup subscription $fromall or from a category on datacenter1 and in the handling function using another connection that append the events to datacenter2

Your answers have allowed me to establish tactical and strategic directions.

Thank you.