Does projection API 4 work for 3?

Do the commands for creating projections via HTTP POST described here work for Event Store version 3?

Just to double check, I’m pretty sure it’s a no.

There has been no change to the HTTP API. The commands work for 4.0.0 as they did for 3.x.
What are you seeing?

Oh, nevermind it works.
But for some reason, newlines are being eaten up.

I guess I have to send \r\n?

Well, the doc is incorrect. This (which does not preserve new lines):

curl -i -d@xbox-one-s-counter.json http://localhost:2113/projections/continuous?name=xbox-one-s-counter%26type=js%26enabled=true%26emit=true%26trackemittedstreams=true -u admin:changeit

should really be:

curl -i --data-binary “@xbox-one-s-counter.jsonhttp://localhost:2113/projections/continuous?name=xbox-one-s-counter%26type=js%26enabled=true%26emit=true%26trackemittedstreams=true -u admin:changeit

Which will preserve new-lines.

Issue here: