docs for testclient?

is there docs for testclient?

when I run ./testclient it reads (/etc/eventstore/eventstore.conf) and fails on bad options because those options are not intended for testclient:

Error while parsing options:

The option RunProjections is not a known option

when i comment all the lines in (/etc/eventstore/eventstore.conf) it fails on:

Exiting with exit code: 1.

Exit reason: Cannot cast from source type to destination type.

so…there is docs somewhere?

ok for the record I created /etc/eventstore/testclient.conf and started ./testclient --config=/etc/eventstore/testclient.conf

For what record? I don't understand?

While I am a native anglophone and understand what the term means I
did not understand your usage of it in context.

just to be sure: testclient is only for TCP right?
for http I need to use something like ab or siege …?