Docker Image

We have been discussing possibly supporting a docker image for
DEVELOPER systems (not for production use cases).

1) Is this something that would interest you?
2) I know some have played with this previously what are your experiences?

Thanks in advance,


This is very high on my priority list! Go for it!!!
I have not yet used GES with docker but looking very much forward to it.

I’m looking at getting started with Event Store, our customers have previously confined us to sql server storage.

Actually started by looking at for an image, found jmkelly/eventstore.

  1. Yes for several reasons:
  • complete packaging

  • easy to set up dev/test environments (event production)

  • service daemon being isolated from the rest of the system

  • possible to run multiple versions of the event store simultaneously

I have only positive experience with running docker.

Even use it locally to run spotify and dropbox.