Disk space consumption

I know that we tend to repeat that disk space is not an issue today, but still.

I installed a test instance of the EventStore that runs completely idle. I save nothing in there. In just 10 days I got four chunk files created with their total size of nearly 1gb. Is this normal?

Stat period is set to default, in recent streams I only see $stats and it has two events per minute.

Try running a scavenge

One file out, 704Mb still there.

What is $maxage on $stats-yournode:your port?


Adjusting that will get rid of more stats events. They are pretty big
and thats the # of seconds to keep them for.

right now you are storing +- 30k stats events. This is a default and
may not be good for you. You can bring them up and take a look at
their size.



So, basically this means that the current size will be more or less stable? This is good enough for me, thanks.


So long as you continue to occasionally scavenge (it will get rid of
old ones at that point if it can reclaim space by doing so)

Is there a way to automate scavenging?

Its a http post to /admin/scavenge :slight_smile:

Great, thanks!