Difference between LimitAttemptsForOperationTo and LimitRetriesForOperationTo

Here’s a clue I found in https://eventstore.org/docs/dotnet-api/4.0.0/connecting-to-a-server/

LimitAttemptsForOperationTo (int limit)
Limits the number of operation attempts (Default: 11).
LimitRetriesForOperationTo (int limit)
Limits the number of operation retries (Default: 10).

In my own use case, I want operations to fail when the first attempt fails. Do I need to set the values like this:



or can I just set one of them? What’s the best practise here? I don’t understand why both of these options exist. Wouldn’t it be sufficient to provide only the “LimitAttemptsForOperationTo” setting?

Both affect the same underlying value, I believe. Likely one was added for symmetry with another setting’s naming.