Determining which stream a WriteResult pertains to


Is there a way using the client api to determine which stream a returned WriteResult pertains to?

It doesn’t seem immediately doable, but thought I’d ask before trying to implement.



No but its pretty trivial to add for 4.0. The clientoperation
corelates between them. Beyond that you could map on your own the task
back to the original write (and some maintain their own list of tasks
as they wish to provide prioritization etc in ways we don't support)

I can see the client side having looked at this, but the server side baffles me currently--but then I'm not that familiar with how this code works. Where do I need to look in terms of where this would need to be done?
Happy to do this, as I need it asap!

You can do it in your *own* client code. Or it can be done in *our*
client code. It would be pretty trivial in fact
note the operation already knows that the stream was (it is correlated
to the original request)

Ok, Leave this with me, I've opened an issue #1176, so hopefully you'll get a PR in the next day or so, should I target the release-4.0.0 branch?

Yes 4.0.0 is right. If I get 10 minutes later I can also just put one
in. If I do I will # the issue.

Yes please Sean, thank you!

Is there any way of getting the stream name from the
CommitTransactionOperatio n?
This is the only thing holding me up!

Hmm not necessarily as you may not even get a write only a commit.