Deploying Projections on Startup

We’re currently building a project in Node.js that will be pushing data to EventStore. Given some of the problems we have to solve it makes sense to create certain projections that will re-index the events into the appropriate streams and then rather work with these new streams as aggregates for certain parts of the business logic.

The only problem now is how do we #1 Version Control these projections (yes they are JS, so technically we can just save the projections to files and put them there) and #2 how do we apply these projections to EventStore. We’ve tried having a look about to find possible solutions to this, but it seems that some sort of “schema-migration” process is not in place or we are just missing it completely.

I’m mostly just curious as manually doing schema migrations should not be the worst of problems, but it would be nice to be able to just push code and have changes autodeploy on successful build.

Thanks in advance!

To put in a new projection is just a http post. The cli supports these
or you can use curl etc to do it.