Deploying EventStore to AWS

Good morning,

We are just about to deploy ES to AWS and are wondering What the recommended instance types/sizes to run EventStore are? Any help/best practices appreciated.

Are there any packer/Terraform/Nomad templates available, We do intend to get commercial support, but probably need to discuss this due to our situation.

Kind regards


It comes down to tuning to get the right numbers, but for our setup we use 3x r4.large instances, gp2 volumes (SSD), and the following for our configuration.yaml. We run roughly 230 services with around 100,000,000 events so far in our db and 2 projections that read from the all stream. Hope this helps you to get started.

IntTcpHeartbeatInterval: 5000

IntTcpHeartbeatTimeout: 5000

ExtTcpHeartbeatInterval: 5000

ExtTcpHeartbeatTimeout: 5000

GossipIntervalMs: 2000

GossipTimeoutMs: 2500

CommitTimeoutMs: 3000

PrepareTimeoutMs: 3000