Delivery guarantees when appending a collection of events using the gRPC client


I’m currently looking into using EventStore for a PoC (a JVM based setup using the gRPC client).

I’m having a hard time figuring out what I can expect when I tell the client to append a collection of events (batch?) - Will it atomically succeed or fail?

- Also the gRPC docs for append mentions the collection of events, but it only seems to be relevant for the .NET example - Are the other clients secondary citizens in this .NET stuff (for example the JVM example for obtaining the client mentions version 0.5 and 0.6 next to each other, while the actual version that should be used seems to be 1.0.0)?

On a related note I’m also uncertain of the event de-duplication that is hinted about here and there. How does it work? - Guess I need stable/reproducible event UUIDs? And will it consider the entire stream or is it a “sliding window” kind of thing?

Appends to a stream are atomic, the whole batch succeeds or fails.
and yes Version 1.0 , the docs need an update .

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