Deleting streams

While playing around with projections, I created a bunch of unnecessary streams. I’ve tried to delete them (, including using the harddelete option. I got the expected 204 Stream deleted response, but it still shows up when I go to I can see the stream, along with the events in it.

I tried running a scavenge, but it didn’t do anything.

I tried the microsoft solution of restarting the Eventstore without effect.

I tried -disable-http-caching ( without effect.

Is there any way to truly remove the stream and all its events from the EventStore?

Is the answer to nuke it from orbit (!topic/event-store/-HAWgD0oOIs)?

I feel like I’m missing something simple and there’s an incoming facepalm.

You shouldn't get a 404 on a delete so im guessing your delete didn't work.

You also really don't want to hard delete streams unless you have a
very good reason.

I didn’t get a 404, I got a 204 Stream deleted, which is what the documentation says I should get.

My good reason was that when I was incorrectly using my projections, I ended up with one per tenant, rather than one per group of tenant like I was aiming for. So instead of 3 streams, I have 40. I’m trying to delete all the ones that are showing up on the stream browser. If the only way to do that is blow away the whole thing, then fine. I was just curious why the delete wasn’t doing what I expected it to do.

Soft delete (the default) allows you to reuse the streams later. Hard
delete leaves a tombstone so that stream can never be used again for

My guess is you are getting cached data in your browser try: curl to
the actual stream