Create projection with http post with "emit enabled"


This is a pretty basic question - but I’ve been searching for an answer for this for a few days and can’t seem to find any documentation:

I’m trying to script creating projections automatically using HTTP POST - but I can’t work out what I need to pass in the query string to make the projection to be “emit enabled”.

Any pointers much appreciated,


Ah the easiest way is just to look at padmin (wraps client api)

Ah - thanks. Pointer to source code should help me solve any other niggling problems too… Cheers.

no worries. Let us know if anything isn't very clear. There is much in
ways of docs around the projections http as of now but most operations
should be covered there

Also your browser's dev tools can be very helpful. Just manually create a new projection and record the network traffic.


yep it uses the same api

Something to keep in mind, the query string args have to be in a specific order.