Create, Delete and Create stream with same name fails

Creation of a stream with the name of a stream that was deleted before fails.

Steps to reproduce:

create Mystream by sending some random event:

curl -i -d@myevent.txt " -H “Content-Type:application/json” -H “ES-EventType: SomeEvent” -H “ES-EventId: C322E299-CB73-4B47-97C5-5054F920746E”

Now delete MyStream

curl.exe -v -X DELETE -H “ES-HardDelete:true”

And now step 1 again. Send a random event to MyStream to create it again

curl -i -d@myevent.txt " -H “Content-Type:application/json” -H “ES-EventType: SomeEvent” -H “ES-EventId: C322E299-CB73-4B47-97C5-5054F920746F”

This steps fails: HTTP/1.1 410 Stream deleted

Is this something that cannot be done? One a stream has been deleted then there is no way to get one back with the same name?

I tried to do a scavenge as well (and reboot event store) but no results.

I’m asking this question because it is somehow related to issue here I think:!topic/event-store/pm6XcR_uSk0

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Its documented that hard deletes tombstone the stream name. Soft
deletes to not.

That explains a lot! I tought the hard delete ‘just’ deleted all events and stream (not like the soft delete). And could be used again. Thx!