Couldn't acquire exclusive lock on DB at '/eventstore/db'

Hi, I’m trying to install eventstore on ubuntu 20.04 but everytime I run evenstored --what-if (as root or as simple user, or as sudo) I get the following error message : Couldn't acquire exclusive lock on DB at '/eventstore/db'..

I tried many things :

  • I tried ensuring that eventstore user and group were owner of the folder.
  • reinstalling eventstore
  • rebooting server
  • stop process with systemctl stop eventstore and starting it back again

I also tried launching service first (as root / sudo or simple user) before using eventstored --what-if.

I can’t figure out why I keep getting this message as if many instance of eventstore where launched at the same time.

I think it was discussed before. The server executable often produces a warning “Couldn’t acquire exclusive lock on DB” when it shuts down after not being able to start. The real issue is mentioned in the log before this message. Most often it’s an issue with certificates if you don’t run it in insecure mode.