Could there be a way by which we can get details of current ES connection and enable/disable it.

I would want to be get details of current ES connection, close it and restart the connection when required.

P.S. : It would be great if provides “Search” functionality as well as something like list of all the ES related functions, member variables etc.

I’m not sure I follow. Can you give an example of what you actually want to do and in what context?

I have an Outlook plugin which records each email being send out in stream, does some “processing” and then it sends out an email if “processing” is successful. For some reason I want to provide an option to disable this functionality. So I was curious if EventStore provides a way to fetch the details of current connection and close/reopen when needed.
It’s more like enable/disable ES connection. Please let me know if that provides some context.

I wouldn't think opening and closing the connection would be a good
way of "disabling". Instead I would keep my connection but disable the
functionality. In terms of opening an closing there is ConnectAsync
and Dispose assuming you disabled reconnects etc.

Thanks James and Greg.