Copying events to another server

I’m trying to copy the events from one eventstore server to another. I’m doing this this via the node client, by subscribing to the $all projection, and filtering the events I need, and then writing them as they come in.

I’m doing this on a very powerful EC2 instance.

The speed is less than desirable. I tried batching in groups of 500, but that made it worse.

What’s the fastest way of copying events from one server to another? (note: I just want my own events, so I’m not interesting in wholesale copying the DB files from one to another)

I think this is the fastest way.

When you say speed is less than desirable can you be more specific? is the target a cluster or a single node? How big are your events?

Turns out it was something stupid. I was batching but including them all in the same stream :facepalm:

Actually, in our case we came up with a better idea. Read the create event for every aggregate, and then for each aggregate get all the events (in parallel), and add all the streams in each batch.