Connection Strings options for the .NET Client API - how to specify logger?

I noticed on the blog ( for the last release there is this item

.NET Client API

  • #585 - (All Platforms) - Connection strings are now used to specify options for the .NET Client API. The older builder methods will be deprecated in the next release.

The ConnectionSettingsBuilder class is normally used to set the custom logger. I assume ConnectionSettingsBuilder will be deprecated. When using the connection string approach, it is not clear how I would specify a custom logger. I would suspect an additional overload on the Create() methods to pass in an ILogger instance would be required? I would want to do something like:

string connectionString = "...";

ILogger logger = new MyCustomLogger();

var connection = EventStoreConnection.Create(connectionString, logger);

Was looking for this as well while trying to convert to the new format.