Connection seems to be dead after heart-beat-timeout with no error-indication the client-side

If we try to create 10.000 new aggregates (= 10.000 events) in one go (we forgot to batch a large job) we get a heart-beat-timeout in the EventStore log (I assume this is OK).
But the problem is that we don’t get a disconnected, closed og error event on the client-side and subsequent reads (ReadStreamEventsForwardAsync) on our connection hangs (perhaps forever) with no exception or other error indication.

If we (using the debugger) forses our connection-factory to return a new EventStore connection all is great and our systems runs again. But because we cannot (or does not know how to) detect this dead connection-state we are doomed :slight_smile:

Before we introduced batching of large jobs, we got alot of disconnect / reconnect events when heart-beat-timeout occurred - but now this seems not to be the case.

Is there something we are missing or doing wrong, or do you thing there is a bug in ES or the .NET driver. We run ES Event Store and .NET EventStore.Client v3.9.2