Connection closed


We’re seing some seemingly unprovoked Connection Closed exceptions:

INFO EventStoreConnectionLogger - ClientAPI TcpConnection closed [10:40:47.537: N192.168.5.129:1114, L192.168.60.64:58266, {e4476470-fb01-4546-9db0-96b759f057f7}]:

Received bytes: 22, Sent bytes: 0

Send calls: 0, callbacks: 0

Receive calls: 2, callbacks: 2

Close reason: [Success] Socket closed

and related:

ERROR EventStoreConnectionLogger - Exception during executing user callback: ConnectionClosed.

System.Exception: ConnectionClosed —> EventStore.ClientAPI.Exceptions.ConnectionClosedException: Connection was closed.

Verbose logging is enabled. No other related log messages.

Any help would be appreciated…


What does the server say?

PID:01464:035 2015.11.19 10:49:32.676 INFO TcpConnection ] ES TcpConnection closed [10:49:32.676: N192.168.60.64:58305, L192.168.5.129:1114, {574ca617-f71f-440c-8aca-5f087d71238d}]:

Received bytes: 1662, Sent bytes: 40145

Send calls: 221, callbacks: 221

Receive calls: 75, callbacks: 75

Close reason: [ConnectionReset] Socket receive error

[PID:01464:035 2015.11.19 10:49:32.676 INFO TcpConnectionManager] Connection ‘external-normal’ [, {574ca617-f71f-440c-8aca-5f087d71238d}] closed: ConnectionReset.

and I just found some of these also:

[PID:01464:011 2015.11.19 10:08:49.716 TRACE TcpConnectionManager] Closing connection ‘external-normal’ [, L192.168.5.129:1114, {682cf26e-ef99-44ba-b9f9-2f207176d377}] cleanly. Reason: HEARTBEAT TIMEOUT at msgNum 1

[PID:01464:011 2015.11.19 10:08:49.716 INFO TcpConnection ] ES TcpConnection closed [10:08:49.716: N192.168.60.64:58104, L192.168.5.129:1114, {682cf26e-ef99-44ba-b9f9-2f207176d377}]:

Received bytes: 37, Sent bytes: 44

Send calls: 2, callbacks: 2

Receive calls: 2, callbacks: 1

Close reason: [Success] HEARTBEAT TIMEOUT at msgNum 1

So I guess we have our reason…

Are you running in debugger etc at the time?

I think it might have been a combination of a release build + debugger (in debug, we have a higher timeout)…

There is an option for disabling it on debug.