Connecting using connection string and DefaultUserCredentials

I am tying to use the connection string and specify the DefaultUserCredentials parameter as described in the docs:

However, I get this error:

Can not map field named [defaultusercredentials, admin:changeit] as type UserCredentials has no translator

My connection string looks like this:

Is there anything I have to do in addition to use connection strings?

And I try just to use the connection string copied from the docs: ConnectTo=tcp://admin:changeit@localhost:1113; HeartBeatTimeout=500

I get System.Exception “Unknown scheme for connection” on the line (my code):

var connectionSettings = ConnectionString.GetConnectionSettings(connectionString.ConnectionString);


Alexey, the issue related to there not being a translator for the type UserCredentials has been resolved and will be fixed in 3.9.3.
Will look into the other issue you raised.

@Alexey if you want to use now you can grab from here (its just client
API) :