Connecting to Persistent Subscription


I’ve set up a 3 node EventStoreDB cluster, but I’m unable to connect to the persistent subscription using the EventStoreDB-Client-Go. The client is able to make a connection with the database successfully, through gossip, but not to the persistent subscription.

Error code: SubscribeToStreamSync_FailedToReceiveStreamInitializationErr. Reason rpc error: code = Unknown desc = Envelope callback expected either PersistentSubscriptionConfirmation or NotHandled, received NotHandled instead
exit status 1

The connection to the persistent subscription was successful after 300 pod restarts. How do I resolve this so that it connects?

Hi there.

We’ve got tests for persistent subscriptions so what version of the server you are using?

I’m using v21.6.0

Hi @yorick.laupa , this has been resolved, it was a cluster config error from our end

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