Connecting to DB via grpc client


I try to make an grpc client for eventstore and i undergo some issues.

My project is readable to

It is a scala project.

First issue,

I try to read a stream cf.

And server answer

Status{code=UNIMPLEMENTED, description=Service is unimplemented., cause=null}

I try yo change the URI used by client with esdb:// prefix but i have some issues

ConnectionError(cannot find a NameResolver for esdb://

But it is an error of my client and not eventstore.

Seems i need grpc provider for my client to recognise esdb:// prefix

Is it mandatory to use esdb:// scheme in URI ?
Should i need to do something to resolve this kind of sheme ?

Is exist a doc on this ?
And more generaly a doc to interact with grpc API of the eventstore DB ?

We have a java grpc client in development here

Do you use esdb:// scheme in URI ?
It is my main pb for the moment.

Ok in find then answer in test.

Thx for the link to java lib.