Connecting .net client to ES on Azure VM

Why are you trying to make it face the internet? Event Store should be deployed WITHIN a VPC (I forget the azure equivalent) and not internet facing. Therefore you should never be accessing it with a address.

You can create a VPN between virtual networks as I recall.

BTW it’s not that this isn’t achievable, it’s just not straightforward and 99.9% of the time it’s the wrong thing to be doing anyway. Can you describe what your eventual desired topology is?

1) this question has 0 to do with event-store.

"I've followed this tutorial: Setting up Event Store on Azure Windows
VM, with only difference that I've set up a cluster on that single

This has been told to you before there is no good reason ever for doing this.

"I suppose that I can later spin up an additional machine in this vnet
and just connect the new node to this existent cluster, let it catch
up, and then shut down one of the nodes on that machine. Doing that
two times and I will have the cluster of three independent machines."

Or you could just transition from a cluster of one node to a cluster
of three nodes.

I would follow up on an azure list. All of your issues are with
connecting azure nodes and have literally nothing to do with
event-store. Not trying to be an asshat but I would prefer to keep
this list open for things that have anything even slightly to do with



How you got that from my email is beyond me.

I stated first that you shouldn’t run a three node cluster on one machine. This has been told to you many times. You continually ignore it. I told you how you should do it (start with a single node and migrate to a cluster).

The other thing I stated is that your conversation is about configuring azure not configuring event store and should be on an azure list. With your single node nothing would change between a hello world tcp app vs event store. The only “event store settings” here are IP address and port. I mean if I run locally with a Cisco router over a Vpn then configuring the router and Vpn is part of es settings because it has an ip right? I don’t mind seeing discussions here of “how should I generally set this up” but when the question is “I need exact ip information etc” it’s not really an event store question any more.

Beyond all that in regard to your response. I have personally spent quite a bit of time helping you as have others on this list. But this response is typical of your aggression on this list usually due to your own misunderstanding and frankly I won’t miss it.


I hate to ask but what exactly IS the rationale behind running a cluster on a single machine?

“What you say, and said before, that I shouldn’t run a three node cluster on a single machine is orthogonal to the issue. I heard your advice. You don’t know the rationale behind the choice to run the cluster on a single machine, yet you seem convinced that no other possibilities than those you imagine can exist. It isn’t even relevant to the question of mine (as I wrote in the first post), so obviously you’re just letting me know that “I have been told” this or that. Even though you might not realise it, that in itself (along with similar remarks in the other posts) gives away your sentiment. So, that’s how I can get that from your latest and previous emails. These things give a slight resemblance to authoritarian ways. That’s what I was humorously - yet with a pointy edge - hinting at.”

You seem to misunderstand previous conversations. There is no good reason to do this ever. It is always a bad decision. The only time I can think of that would be half way reasonable is either you want to see that a cluster can work at all (eg just downloaded to my laptop and I want to try it) or you are working on the event store project and writing a faster running randomized test of elections/projections takeovers (if you are doing this please let us know beforehand so we can coordinate efforts as we already have this…). In terms of a dev,staging, prod, or any other environment there is no good reason.

To quote the judge from the happy Gilmore speech. this is stupid stupid stupid (I have explained why in the past and I can go into more detail as to why). There are literally no valid reasons for ever doing this. But maybe I’m just not being creative enough and am happy to listen to your reasons though I already answered for your situation above what you should be doing.


Sorry billy Madison not happy Gilmore (linked correctly.) :slight_smile: