Configure ES to write to syslog


Is there an easy way to get EventStore to log to syslog, or am I gonna have to go the rsyslog route?



We use NLog internally, this might work:

If you open an issue about this I’ll ensure its supported in a future release.


I am running the linux version of ES, so starting with NLog won’t work.

Using rsyslog is going to be problematic, if not impossible if I understand it. This is b/c the ES logs are in /yyyy-mm-dd/ format which means the wildcard config for rsyslog won’t work (only works at file level)

All of this is part of an effort to deploy an ES cluster to AWS EC2 Container (meaning, Docker) Service. The more I try, the more I am realizing the ES is just not very Docker friendly when clustering. :frowning: (Or I am dumb…which is entirely possible)



Look at NLog.config, it’s the same in Linux as in windows.

Why are you trying to run a database in docker? What will it achieve besides buzzword compliance?