Condition for switching from live to reading phase and back?


I have a Java SubscriberActor with a log message in
onLiveProcessingStart() callback. I see in my logs that it gets called
not just on startup, but while the app is running, and without any
callbacks to onError or similar in between.

What are the conditions for having an already live subscriber switch
back to reading phase, and then to live again, causing
onLiveProcessingStart() to be invoked multiple times during the app

thanks, Rickard

There are a bunch of reasons you may switch from live back to polling
due to back pressure. I believe the JVM client does this based on a
client side queue watermark (there is a config setting for this,
Yaroslav can add details). There is also such a queue in the .net
client with the same behaviour. There is also a server side back
pressure on the subscription where the server will drop the
subscription if the client is not keeping up.