Compile the v8integration project


I’ve tried to compile the v8Integration project on visual studio 2012 but it does not compile. Are you plannig to make it *****Compatible *with vs 2012?


for now you need vs2010 or compatible windows SDK to build the project. however, you can use vs2012. It compiles the project if 2010 is installed with vs2010 compilers.


still no direct support for VS 2012? I mean without me having to install VS 2010…

Currently not - planning to start making the CI build public tomorrow though. You actually don’t need to install VS2010, just the correct version of the Windows SDK.

Any news regarding the availability of the public CI build?


see my pull request It’s relatively easy to build with VS2012 toolset

Ok, I’ll try that later today. Thanks

Filip, did you find an easy way of building V8 with the 2012 toolchain as well?

Yes. The changes in the pull request should be enough to build V8. What errors do you get?

As you may have seen, the dev branch can now build with 2012 or 2010.



Cool, thanks!