Competing Consumers subscription for $all is not possible?

Just making sure that I’m not overlooking something: it’s not possible create a subscription for the $all stream when using CC’s? (probably not very useful neither)

That is correct, there is actually an explicit check to ensure that the stream name is not empty/null or $all

Pieter is correct. The work on supporting all was put aside until
later (if somebody really wants if for some reason and wants to fund
it) as its only really an optimization; you can write a projection to
make your own all stream for up to 2b events.

Sijn what is your use case ?

As an aside, it would be useful if this resulted in an error. I recently span up a persistent subscription to $all to test some things, and took a moment to work out why no events were coming through.


Believe that was addressed in 3.9 or 4.x after I had the same experience.

This was added (returns an error on subscription create)

As with the client subscriptions, I was planning to subscribe to the $all stream and filter on EventType on the consumer but discovered this wasn’t possible.

In a nutshell, I have a multi-tenant application with streams like: streamname-tenantid-aggregateId. I’m interested in some events to start a worker (fe. thumbnail generation when a file is uploaded)

But as Greg mentioned, it’s easy to append to another stream from those events…