Competing Consumers HTTP and ES-LongPoll

Is the “ES-LongPoll” header supposed to work for the Competing Consumers HTTP client?


curl -i -H “Accept:application/vnd.eventstore.competingatom+json” -H “ES-LongPoll: 10” “http://localhost/subscriptions/testStream/testGroup?embed=Body

returns immediately with “entries”: []

The support is currently not there but can be added.
Here’s the issue so that you can track the progress of it.

Support will likely go into 3.5.0

Left comment on issue duplicating here:

I can see how this could be useful. That said this is non-trivial to
get working. Currently there is no easy way of setting up a subscriber
like this back to competing to get pushed the message (http clients
are polling clients not pushing clients)

Off the top of my head it could be possible to set them up as a client
and then push them the message but this will be relatively expensive
given that this would essentially need to happen per message.

I would also wonder what the goal of using competing on such slow
moving streams would be?