Competing consumers events not appearing - .NET API

Am I missing something here? No exceptions thrown, no events appearing.

        PersistentSubscriptionSettings settings = PersistentSubscriptionSettings


        Console.WriteLine("Subscription group created.");

                                                (sub, evt) => EventAppeared(sub, evt),
                                                (sub, reason, ex) => SubscriptionDropped(reason),


$all isnt actually a stream, competing consumers only support streams
at this point in time.

We looked at doing the work for $all but as its just a performance
improvement (uses the readfromall methods etc) it was deemed
non-critical. We left it as work we would be happy to do later if
someone really needed it and wanted to pay for it.



Well that’s a tad disappointing.

That said, shouldn’t I get an error when creating the persistent subscription? There is no error on initial create. Also, nothing is thrown when I do it repeatedly without a delete in-between. Definitely should be more feedback here. It feels like a black hole presently.

I agree, will add an error on it. track issue here: I added to 3.9.0
which is expected soon but it may be the next version after.

See: should be in 3.9.0

Thanks for the quick turnaround on that Greg!