Competing Consumer subscription : 0 events

I created a competing consumer subscription through the UI.

I noticed that the events in the subscription are only new events, since the subscriptions creation.

Is there a simple way to create a subscription over an existing stream and have it load all existing events already in the stream?



I figured out what my “issue” was.

The subscription is created, and will correctly pull in all the messages if the app runs.

I’m still confused by the UI behavior though.

If I create or update the subscription with StartFrom(0), I do receive all the events.

However, the UI never shows any known messages.

My expected experience:

Create the subscription

**UI will show known message count (>0)

Run the app, processing all events

Like I mentioned in my first message, events added to the stream after the subscription is created do show up in the UI.

Is this expected behavior or am I still missing something?

We have created an issue for it and you can track the progress here

Thank you for the quick response.

From looking, it just looks like a UI bug where the backend has the
right information