Competing consumer events backwards when retrieving more than one(HTTP API)

Let’s say I have a stream called user-register and a persistent subscription to this stream called marketing. This stream has 5 events.

When I send a HTTP GET request to /subscriptions/user-registered/marketing it will return a document which contains the very first event that was appended to this stream. This is expected.

Now, when I send a request to **/subscriptions/user-registered/marketing/3 **it will return a document which contains 3 events. The problem is the ordering of the events. They appear in the order 2, 1, 0 with 0 being the first event that was append to the stream.

My question is why do they appear in this order? I don’t want to process the events from newer ones to older one. Sure I can programmatically reverse the events so I can process them in chronological order but I don’t get why the events don’t appear in chronological order.

My guess without getting into discussions over it is that it works
this way as this is how atom works by default (newest things first in
the feed). it should be easy enough to add an option to put them in
the other order (we support in atom as well). One thing here though is
assuming order over a persistent subscription is not generally
something you want to do.

Okay thanks.