Commercial license: Windows vs. *nix

I’m having a difficult time locating a definitive answer on this, so I’ll throw it out to the group:

If going with the commercial licensing and the additional tools/features that entails, is there any difference in what one gets running on Windows vs. a *nix server? I understand starting with 3.1 there was significant movement toward making sure Linux deployments were first class citizens - have any additional changes been implemented along those lines between vs. 3.1 - 3.5? I’d like to understand exactly what differences I will face on EventStore if I decide to cut away from a Windows commercial deployment onto a Linux commercial deployment down the road.


There are differences - Manager nodes are only required on Windows, as *nix OSs have most of the functionality already available. Deploying on Linux is simpler overall - we have packages available for Ubuntu, Amazon Linux and CentOS.