ClusterNode help

Are we getting close to some cluster documentation?

I’m trying to get a small cluster running on my machine but having zero luck.

Here’s how I’m starting it.

And here’s the typical log file.

Any help would be appreciated.



%esp% doesn’t look like a valid DNS

There’s this doc?

What does your DNS entry for localhost look like? You can’t run a cluster on one box using DNS discovery as the nodes or manager must be running on a well known port.

Good catch the command line should have --use-DNS-discovery- the failure though I think is because the DNS entry %eps%:2114

Looks like %esip% etc get set by the stuff at the top of the command file?

set esip=
set esdir=bin\eventstore\debug\anycpu
set esclusterdns=localhost

Chris, if you change the --use-dns-discovery to --use-dns-discovery- (which switches it off) this setup should work OK as far as I can see.


Thanks guys.

That documentation isn’t linked to in the wiki TOC.

I guess I was using the TCP ports for gossip too. When I turned off dns discovery and started using the HTTP ports for gossip, it came to life.