Cloud & GCP: peering & UI

Hi there,

I created a multi-zonal cluster with MESDB through GCloud after having developed with ESDB in docker (local) and k8s (one node setup).

I have now 2 issues:

  • peering stays in “Initiated” mode, even if the peering has been configured and seems working on my gcloud project / vpc
  • UI domain resolves an IP address inside the created network so I wonder how to safely access it from my local machine (port forwarding / VPN). Any guess how to do this?


PS: general comment I read a lot in this Discuss and I share - ESDB misses documentation, tutos, examples from my point of view. Not easy at all to get practical knowledge compared to other projects, would it be for ESDB as an open-source software, or even ESDBCloud.

peering stays in “Initiated” mode

did you accept the peering request in your gcloud VPC , no overlapping network ranges , anything in the logs in ?

UI domain resolves an IP address inside the created network so I wonder

For security reasons, the cluster is not accessible outside the peered VPC .
so you either

  • need a connection from your local machine to the VPC in your Gcloud account
  • access it from a VM inside your VPC
  • use something like tailscale
    here’s a how to setup tailscale with MESDB

Thanks for your feedback. We continue working to improve this, but if there’s something in particular that you’re missing, it would be great if you can be a bit more specific. We, of course, have knowledge of some gaps in the docs, but we turn a blind eye on certain things unintentionally, as we believe those things are clear. Indeed, we keep hearing “not enough”, but rarely “not enough in this area”.