Client connection dropped while running catch up subscription

Hi all,

I have bunch of events containing base64 encoded images in eventstore. When I am running catchup subscription (.NET api) connection to event store is dropped after approx 1500 events.

When I am reading stream with some other type of data (events with images can be quite large), I don’t have such issues. Is there any size limit for events? I don’t have any problems viewing all events through web ui.

Here are some details:

  • Event Store Oss Win 3.2.2

  • Event Store Client API

Event Store error message:

[06248,05,07:24:31.386] ES TcpConnection closed [07:24:31.386: N127.0.0.1:11898, L127.0.0.1:1113, {79eba5d0-f2b9-4a51-81cd-615fd338239b}]:

Received bytes: 125, Sent bytes: 22

Send calls: 1, callbacks: 1

Receive calls: 3, callbacks: 3

Close reason: [ConnectionReset] Socket receive error

Catch up subscription code:

There’s a maximum TCP payload size. It’s not written out in the exception, check out the EventStore errorlog. This has bitten me as well when reading too large batches.

(images in eventstore might not be ideal either, but I think the team can give better feedback there)


Thanks for the info,

I am doing a little testing with ES so its helpful to know what it is good for and what to avoid.

Dana petak, 2. listopada 2015. u 09:58:16 UTC+2, korisnik Peter Hageus napisao je:

What does the client log say? What does the node's log say?

Ok, now I see there is exception in client log:

[08,12:11:59.597,ERROR] TcpPackageConnection: [, L127.0.0.1:4443, {e9407c67-263b-4edc-b7cc-d684e5af548f}]. Invalid TCP frame received.


EventStore.ClientAPI.Transport.Tcp.PackageFramingException: Package size is out of bounds: 75161423 (max: 67108864). This is likely an exceptionally large message (reading too many things) or there is a problem with the framing if working on a new client.

at EventStore.ClientAPI.Transport.Tcp.LengthPrefixMessageFramer.Parse(ArraySegment`1 bytes)

at EventStore.ClientAPI.Transport.Tcp.LengthPrefixMessageFramer.UnFrameData(IEnumerable`1 data)

at EventStore.ClientAPI.Transport.Tcp.TcpPackageConnection.OnRawDataReceived(ITcpConnection connection, IEnumerable`1 data)

[08,12:11:59.597,INFO] ClientAPI TcpConnection closed [12:11:59.597: N127.0.0.1:1113, L127.0.0.1:4443, {e9407c67-263b-4edc-b7cc-d684e5af548f}]:

Received bytes: 20113667, Sent bytes: 388

Send calls: 5, callbacks: 5

Receive calls: 2460, callbacks: 2459

Close reason: [Success] Invalid TCP frame received.

I guess this is by design. Events should not be that big, right?

Dana petak, 2. listopada 2015. u 13:03:28 UTC+2, korisnik Greg Young napisao je:

Use a smaller paging size.


Dana petak, 2. listopada 2015. u 14:19:40 UTC+2, korisnik Greg Young napisao je: