CleanupExpired method not supported 'Projections Master'

Please forgive me if this is a noob question, but I’m watching the event store program running in a command prompt window and I see the following message come across every so often.

It doesn’t look like anything that we have added to our code, but perhaps there is a command line switch that I’m setting improperly that is causing the error? Any information on this topic would be helpful.

Error while processing message EventStore.Projections.Core.Messages.ProjectionManagementMessage+Internal+CleanupExpired in queued handler ‘Projections Master’. Specified method is not supported.


thank you for reporting this. I see several code paths that could lead to this. In this case it is likely that there is a query in an unexpected state for the clean-up process.

Do you see anything interesting on the projections screen if you check “include queries” checkbox.

thank you


No I did not, I’m sorry.