Certificate woes with 20.06


I’m trying to setup a 3 node cluster with some Azure VMs. I thought I’d setup the certificates correctly (based on the release notes, then a general CA/SSC tutorial). But I keep getting the error: The certificate provided by the server failed validation with the following error(s): RemoteCertificateNameMismatch (NoError).

Can I get some clarification on what is supposed to be in the certificate? This cluster is purely internal (no FQDN), so I’d added the internal IPs (, etc) as the cert alternate names, but no luck. I also tried hostname (clutching at straws) but no luck.

Is there some documentation (apart from release notes) with more details?

The server starts and I can hit the web interface on :2112… but cannot log in. But was thinking maybe I need to sort this certificate issue out first?



I guess this one slipped our attention. Please head on to the configurator page in the docs to get all the necessary certificates and configuration information about your setup.