Centos 7

I’ve just received an email telling me that Eventstore now officially supports Amazon Linux as a target OS. Have you done any testing around Centos 7 at all? I’m just about to start moving everything from Amazon Linux to Centos and it would be great if we could finally get Eventstore on the same OS as everything else.

– Bob

There is a card for it.

Actually our Amazon Linux builds are done in a container (on Joyent) which uses CentOS 6 (matching kernel and glibc version for Amazon Linux 2015.09). We haven’t tested CentOS 7 at all, but I don’t imagine there would be huge issues to overcome assuming the kernel versions don’t match ones with known problems with Mono. Mostly it’s a packaging exercise - for example systemd support. The commercial AWS packages for Amazon Linux contain all kinds of extra stuff for automatic configuration which would likely not be included in a CentOS package however.